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CruiseShip_front cover high-resA MEDICAL MURDER MYSTERY                                         Volume 1

Dr. Alan Mayhew is a retired cruise ship doctor whose about to go – on a cruise! He’s grieving the loss of his wife and his family feels a cruise is just what he needs to move on – to take his mind off of missing her. Once on board, he meets some other eclectic folks that make up the passengers and the crew, including Tiffany, the beautiful cruise ship director. With her, Dr. Mayhew helps solve a series of on board crimes, including a murder. Dr. Davis’s medical sleuthing takes us behind the scenes of the exciting life of a cruise ship doctor and gives us insider knowledge of the fast-paced, colorful and romantic world of officers, crewmembers and passengers.

ISBN number: 9780-988579118, Blewitt Pass Publishing, 2012, 334 pages

“A compulsive page turner with all the poignancy of CSI.” -John Smithson, Canadian Literature Reviews


Bones (front cover)THE CURIOUS CARGO OF BONES                         Volume 2

A transatlantic luxury cruise ship provides the exclusive scene of the crime in Paul Davis’s second Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries’ novel, starring Dr. Alan Mayhew, the ship’s doctor and, by chance, murder mystery sleuth. When a code blue alert summons the doctor to an indoor badminton court, he rushes to the scene finding a man in his early 40’s dead, apparently from a massive heart attack. The beautiful cruise ship director, Tiffany, once again joins the doctor in investigating a probable murder as a surprising plot linked to the Vatican serves up multiple twists and turns — including a ship wide infection, a bottle of poisoned wine, and a nurse with a mysterious rash.

ISBN number: 978-0-988570101, Blewitt Pass Publishing, 2013, 304 pages


German Intrique CoverTHE GERMAN INTRIGUE                                                     Volume 3

A cruise ship officer with a shady past makes the job of a ship’s doctor much more complicated especially when people start dying. Dr. Alan Mayhew and his girlfriend Tiffany work with the eclectic passengers, the CIA, MI5, and the crew in sleuthing out the truth behind the murder mysteries. This does not stop the developing romance nor the humor that everyday life behind the scenes on a cruise ship engender. The German Intrigue keeps the reader turning pages awaiting the next clue in Dr. Davis’s 3rd Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries’ novel.

ISBN: 978-0-988579125, Blewitt Pass Publishing, 2013, 323 pages


Cruise Ship Cover4 6_27_13.inddMURDER IN THE NORTHWEST PASSAGE                Volume 4

It’s official: The HMS Investigator has been located. There are very few voyages by ocean liners as intriguing as that of the Northwest Passage and The Contessa, a modern day cruise ship, is on its way! Archeologists, deep-sea divers and a number of parties on board are looking forward to having a first hand look at the sunken vessel. The Contessa’s cruise ship doctor, Dr. Alan Mayhew and his girlfriend, Tiffany, crack open a dangerous multi-dimensional plot of espionage and deceit and expose a crime, which is about to take place. Join them and the CSIS agents in the investigation of a sunken treasure of gold.

ISBN: 978-0-988579149, Blewitt Pass Publishing, 2013, 306 pages


THE GHOST OF DR. EDMUND NETTER     Cruise Ship 5 Cover 2 for FB
Volume 5

In the fifth CRUISE SHIP CRIME MYSTERY, Dr. Alan Mayhew encounters a suspected killer aboard the elegant cruise ship The Baroness.

While delayed in port for the day, ship’s doctor Mayhew visits a museum in Jayapura and unexpectedly finds a photograph of his great-grandfather, Dr. Edmund Netter. He purchases the photo and takes it back to the ship. Hours later, when the cruise liner sets sail from Indonesia en route to San Francisco, Mayhew receives mysterious assistance investigating the murder of an unwitting female passenger. A dramatic chain of events ensues involving a playwright, the back streets of Madagascar, a septic tank, drug dealing and a cast of fascinating (and often humorous) characters. It puts Mayhew’s sleuthing abilities to a real test!

ISBN: 978-0-988579194, Blewitt Pass Publishing, 2015, 390 pages

Available online at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and booksamillion.com

Paperbacks $14.95, eBooks $2.99, Blewitt Press Publishing


Mr. Isaac Atkinson, the current owner of The Star of Sierra Leone, a 968-carat diamond, takes it with him onto The Contessa, an elegant new cruise ship headed to West Africa. The Star invites many problems and puts the little jeweler in some very serious situations, such as narrowly escaping death at the bottom of a large trash bin aboard the vessel. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Sierra Leone are facing Ebola, they die by the dozens every day. The World Health Organization team boards the Contessa to carry the vaccine to the population, which will bring this unprecedented epidemic to its knees. The ship’s physician, Dr. Alan Mayhew and his nurses assist the WHO team in what proves to be one of their most difficult missions yet.

“From the elegant cruise ship, The Contessa, to the destitute countries of West Africa, this page-turner promises a wild ride filled with greedy villains, hilarious hazards, conflicted heroes, mind-bending puzzles and a promise to keep readers on the edges of their seats.” -Joan Atkinson, Toronto, ON

Available online:

Paperback: http://amzn.to/1QpBuVu

eBook: http://amzn.to/1RsTq1A

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