Celebrity Silhouette Wins Our Hearts

celebsilhouette1Out cruising on the Celebrity Silhouette and we’re having an amazing experience. This is a great ship for those who appreciate the variety of activities, entertainment, and cuisine a large ship can deliver. It’s also a great ship for those who like a more elegant, sophisticated atmosphere.

Celebrity Silhouette is a large, modern cruise liner with a gross tonnage of 122,000 and capacity for just under 3,000 passengers and 1,500 crewmembers. Pool DeckCelebrity Solstice - Celebrity CruisesDespite it being a very large ship, carrying a lot of people, it doesn’t feel crowded or busy at all. The public areas on board are spacious, modern and have plenty of room for all guests to enjoy the facilities offered.

We began our 2-week Mediterranean adventure in Venice on October 31st and have made our way to other ports of call such as Slovenia, Ravenna, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and we’re now in Corfu heading toward Malta, Sicily, Naples and then on to Rome.

This is a very port intensive cruise! My book signings are going very well with lots of interest in the Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries series. And I’m working on final edits for number 5 as we speak!

Today is bright and sunny with 22C/75F temperature.

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