Baby Boomer Longevity

Boomer Cover 1-30-13

At long last, I’m happy to introduce you to my new book! It’s now available on Please tell all of your friends and thanks so much for your support. -Doc

Advance Praise for baby boomer longevity:

“A clearly written book with easy to understand objective solutions to the common problems the baby boomer generation encounter.”
-Roberta Arnold MD, Internal Medicine Associates of New York, NY, NY

“Dr. Davis presents straightforward tips and advice on achieving wellness by incorporating scientifically tested traditional and alternative medical methodology.”
-William E. Rosen MD FRCS(C), Executive Health Administrators of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

“Although baby boomer bodies cannot be 18 again, Dr. Davis shows us how the wisdom of alternative medicine from many parts of the world can be combined with evidence based western medicine, so we can gain power, healthy longevity, and optimum wellbeing.”
-Joseph Langerhans D.H.M., ND, PhD, Director- Center for Natural Medicine, Seattle, Washington

“Dr. Davis grasps the essentials of eastern medicine and deftly melds them with traditional western medical practice.”
-Raajagopal Amardeep Singh Ay.D., Medical Director, Ayurvedic Institute of Kerala, Trivandrum, India