Famous Oil Painting Stolen from Norwegian Star

An American who sailed to Bermuda last week on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship has admitted to stealing a copy of a famous oil painting from the vessel, Bermuda’s Royal Gazette is reporting.

The Royal Gazette says Kevin Hudgeons, 43, of Kentucky, on Monday was fined $500 for the theft by a Bermuda judge. The news outlet says he had been caught on Friday trying to leave the 2,348-passenger Norwegian Star with the large painting, which is the size of a door and worth more than $13,000. Security camera video reportedly shows him removing it from a wall and carrying it to his cabin.

When confronted by security guards, Hudgeons said he was “going to mail it home,” the Royal Gazette quotes a prosecutor as saying. He gave various explanations as how he’d ended up with the painting, telling staff he’d bought it at an auction, painted it himself and won it in a raffle.