Cruise Ship Cakes

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Whether you are 10 or 100, it’s still fun to celebrate your birthday. If you are a Cruise Ship aficionado like me, what could be better than serving up a Cruise Ship Cake for your celebration?

Captain’s hat birthday cake

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You can find this one on

Celebrate with mom and dad on Elizabeth’s 75th! Photo by Pauls Creative Cakes on Flickr   Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.38.19 PM





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Need one for a wedding? Find out more at

This one (below) is homemade. Check out Ben’s blog for how he made it.Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.55.29 PM






Order My New Cruise Ship Crime Mystery!

Star AnnouncementFrom the elegant cruise ship, The Contessa, to the destitute countries of West Africa, this page-turner promises a wild ride filled with greedy villains, hilarious hazards, conflicted heroes, mind-bending puzzles and a promise to keep readers on the edge of their seats.   -Joan Atkinson, Reviewer, Toronto, ON

I’m now available for author readings and book events. Please contact my publicist, Skye Wentworth, to schedule a date/time.


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The Star of Sierra Leone



Mr. Isaac Atkinson, the current owner of The Star of Sierra Leone, a 968-carat diamond, takes it with him onto the Contessa, an elegant new cruise ship headed to West Africa. The Star invites many problems and puts the little jeweler in some very serious situations, such as narrowly escaping death at the bottom of a large trash bin aboard the vessel. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Sierra Leone are facing Ebola, they die by the dozens every day. The World Health Organization team boards the Contessa to carry the vaccine to the population, which will bring this unprecedented epidemic to its knees. The ship’s physician, Dr. Alan Mayhew and his nurses assist the WHO team in what proves to be one of their most difficult missions yet.



New Cruise Ship Crime Mystery!

Cruise Ship 5 Cover for wp

In Davis’s fifth Cruise Ship Crime Mystery, Dr. Mayhew shares the stage with a serial killer aboard The Baroness.

When The Baroness is delayed in port for a day, ship’s doctor Alan Mayhew visits a museum in Jayapura and finds a photograph of his great-grandfather, Dr. Edmund Netter. Hours later, when the cruise liner sets forth from Indonesia en route to San Francisco, great-grandpa’s ghost comes along for the ride and the two doctors team up to investigate the murder of a mysterious female passenger. When it turns out the beguiling victim was actually a drug mule, the shocking news lights the fuse to a dramatic chain of events involving a playwright, the back streets of Madagascar, a psychopath, and a septic tank.

Dr. Alan Mayhew, his girlfriend Tiffany, Babette and Edmund must find a way to stop a deadly villain who has scripted the finale down to the last explosive detail.

Published September 1, 2015

Blewitt Pass Publishing

Happy Cruise Year

cruiseship“Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  — Mark Twain

In 2013, I published 3 new novels in the series I’m calling Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries. Volume 1, A Medical Murder Mystery, was published in 2012.  You can purchase them online at

Volume 1, A Medical Murder Mystery
Volume 2, The Curious Cargo of Bones
Volume 3, The German Intrigue
Volume 4, Murder in the Northwest Passage

In 2014, I plan to go out and promote them! My favorite place to hold book events is onboard a cruise ship. To start off the new year, I’ll soon be on Cunard’s Ocean Liner: Queen Mary 2 for 7 nights. We’ll embark from New York USA on January 3rd and arrive in Southampton England on January 10th.  If you are onboard this cruise, be sure to look me up.

I’m also available for book signings and lectures. Contact my book publicist, Skye Wentworth at 978-462-4453 or to book a date.

Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries Book Event on the Island of Malta

Malta Hbr (3)I’ve been cruising as a ship’s doctor for over ten years. Now, I’m director of a medical specialty group in Canada and author the Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries series but still take time to go on cruises! Each time I go, I think that things could possibly not get better, and yet each cruise surprises me. The Celebrity Silhouette, the 2nd newest Solstice Class ship, though clearly a Solstice ship, seems somehow to be a cut above its predecessors. I personally love that the Corning Glass Show has been replaced with the Lawn Grill – the fee is minimal and though we personally did not eat there as, simply put, with so many ports of call, there was very little time to do all that Silhouette has to offer – we met many guests on board who were raving about their experience and returned several times to the Lawn Grill, enjoying the fun, camaraderie, party atmosphere, and excellent food. Valletta, Malta  Nov 10-13 (35)

We’re presently on the island of Malta. I met up with many of the guests on board and held a book event in Valetta. I’m happy to report that the book reading went very well, and an enthusiastic group from England announced that their book group intends on reading The Cruise Ship Mysteries this winter.

Next we are off to adventures in Catania, Sicily. I‘m planning on taking the tour on Mt. Etna. The tour will stop at lava fields and we’ll be hiking over the rims of past eruptions. Hopefully Mt. Etna won’t be shrouded in clouds but will be sunny and clear. Very exciting.


Celebrity Silhouette Wins Our Hearts

celebsilhouette1Out cruising on the Celebrity Silhouette and we’re having an amazing experience. This is a great ship for those who appreciate the variety of activities, entertainment, and cuisine a large ship can deliver. It’s also a great ship for those who like a more elegant, sophisticated atmosphere.

Celebrity Silhouette is a large, modern cruise liner with a gross tonnage of 122,000 and capacity for just under 3,000 passengers and 1,500 crewmembers. Pool DeckCelebrity Solstice - Celebrity CruisesDespite it being a very large ship, carrying a lot of people, it doesn’t feel crowded or busy at all. The public areas on board are spacious, modern and have plenty of room for all guests to enjoy the facilities offered.

We began our 2-week Mediterranean adventure in Venice on October 31st and have made our way to other ports of call such as Slovenia, Ravenna, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and we’re now in Corfu heading toward Malta, Sicily, Naples and then on to Rome.

This is a very port intensive cruise! My book signings are going very well with lots of interest in the Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries series. And I’m working on final edits for number 5 as we speak!

Today is bright and sunny with 22C/75F temperature.

Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries

Cruise Ship Crime MysteriesAuthor Paul Davis MD’s medical sleuthing takes us behind the scenes of the exciting life of a cruise ship doctor and gives us insider knowledge of the fast-paced, colorful and romantic world of officers, crew and passengers as the ships he works on visit a variety of fascinating ports around the world. Join Dr. Paul Davis and his vivid characters in thoroughly engaging, fast-paced murder mystery forensics, from a doctor’s vantage point.

The Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries series, Volume 1-4,  are available online at, and — both in paperback copies $14.95 and eBooks, $2.99.

Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries: A Medical Murder Mystery   (Volume 1)

Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries: The Curious Cargo of Bones (Volume 2)

Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries: The German Intrigue (Volume 3)

Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries: Murder in the Northwest Passage (Volume 4)

Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries: The German Intrigue

German Intrique Cover A cruiseship officer with a shady past makes the job of a ship’s doctor much more complicated especially when people start dying. Dr. Alan Mayhew and his girlfriend Tiffany work with the eclectic passengers, the CIA, MI5, and the crew in sleuthing out the truth behind the murder mysteries. This does not stop the developing romance nor the humor that everyday life behind the scenes on a cruise ship engender. The German Intrigue keeps the reader turning pages awaiting the next clue in Dr. Davis’s 3rd Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries’ novel.

“A Must read for folks who just love to read crime fiction.” – Matthew Henry, Canadian Detective Fiction Reviewers

“Paul Davis’s Trilogy shows leadership success in poignant mystery writing.” -Kim Ferrante, The Mystery Writer Link